CSCI 381.3/780 - Hardware Laboratory

Fall 2003
Dr. Vickery


Final Project

Coding Guidelines

The coding guidelines for the course specify rules for writing Handel-C source code for all the coding assignments you submit for this course, including your term project!

Sample Code

Sample programs that illustrate various I/O operations.


Laboratory Assignments

Handouts for the Laboratory Assignments given during the first part of the semester.


Slides from the lectures given during the first part of the semester.

Tutorial Material

A set of tutorial manuals developed by Celoxica.


Email Address

Send an email to me (vickery at with "CSCI 345" in the Subject line and with your name and ID in the message body. I will then add your email address to the course mailing list. Include "345" in the subject lines of all messages you send me this term.


There is no textbook for the course, but you will be using several manuals, which are available as PDF files. You can download the files below. If you prefer, I can burn them onto a CD for you, or print a copy for you to photocopy.

Check Grades

Click on the link above to check the grades recorded for you in this course. You will need to enter your student ID number to access your grades.