CS-341 - Spring 2001

Section 10T2
Dr. Vickery

Use QC Online

Course material is available through QC Online this semester. To access the material, you will need a "Vanguard" account, which will give you access to QC Online. QC Online is a web host which runs course management software called "Blackboard," so you will hear the terms QC Online and Blackboard used interchangeably.

To get started, go to [ http://vanguard.qc.edu ], where you can sign up for a student account on the college's Vanguard system. Note: You will have to use a computer on the Queens College campus to register for your Vanguard account. Follow the directions given there, and you will get a username and password, which can then be used to access your Vanguard account from anywhere on the Internet.

Once you have your Vanguard account, visit [ http://online.qc.edu ], and log in using the username and password for your Vanguard account. You must then click on the "Personal Information" tab and do two critical things:

  1. Change your password to a secure one that you can remember without writing it down. It would be both unethical and illegal to let anyone else access your account. In fact, you are liable for anything someone else does using your account until you notify OIT that someone has taken your password, so be sure to keep it as secure as you possibly can.
  2. Edit your personal information and change your email address from "nobody@qc.edu" to the real email address where you want me to send supplementary course material during the semester. If you change your email account during the term, be sure to update it on QC Online.
You will not have access to critial material for this course if you do not set up your QC Online account properly. Once you have it set up, you should see CS-341 in the list of courses for which you are registered. Go there to start accessing the information.