Using Your Unix Account

We won't do a lot of teaching about Unix in CS-200, but you will become familiar with this operating system as a user. There are lots of reference books available on Unix. A good supplement for this course is called:

Unix System V: A Practical Guide, Release 4.2, Third Edition by Mark G. Sobell, Benjamin Cummings, 1995.

This book is available with several different Release Numbers and editions. If you decide to buy the book, be sure to get the version listed here because it most closely matches the version of Unix you will be using.

However, you might not need to buy a book to learn how to use your Unix account for this course because we have prepared the material we think you will need, and it's presented here as Web pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Logging in to Your Account
  2. Basic Commands
  3. Using E-mail
  4. Editing Text Files
  5. CS-200 Project Management (How to Prepare and Submit Assignments)

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