Project Description

This project was to implement the Tetris game using a touchscreen for input/output and an FPGA to implement the algorithms.

The reason for doing the project was to investigate the use of Celoxica’s PixelStreams library by using it to implement a game animation. The result is a “playable” game of Tetris, a good understanding of PixelStreams, and some insight into data structure manipulations in Handel-C.

The playability of the game is limited by the nature of the touchscreen on the target platform, Celoxica’s RC-200E. We do not know how to make it respond both quickly and accurately without generating occasional spurious inputs. We are aware of an error that leads to a stray line on the long tetragram after it has been rotated. Other anomalies seem to be the results of touchscreen noise.

David prepared two documents for the project (see below). The project description tells how the game was implemented and how to play it on RC-200E. (It has also been tested on an RC-300.) The PixelStreams tutorial gives an overview of using PixelStreams.